Innocence Lost (1998)

Director: Michael Raven
Starring: Nikki Lynn, Linda Thoren, Sylvia Stena, Maya Devine, Katie Gold, Violet Love, Lilly, Mark Davis, Alec Metro, J.J. Michaels, Tony Montana, Tyce Bune.
Fresh off the bus and looking for the good life… welcome to L.A. land of milk, honey and easy money… if you don’t mind trading morality for a taste of reality. Sin City’s Nikki Lynn shows you what livin’ large means as she gives the world’s oldest profession a well deserved kick in ass! Joining Nikki is Swedish Mega-Star Linda Thoren and Hungarian Heartthrob Sylvia Stena, and a cast of beautiful bad girls with a reputation for outrageous behavior… corruption never looked so good.

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