Inner Blues (1988)

Starring: Toni Christian, Jeff Coldwater, Sunny Day, Billy Dee, Sharon Kane, Tami Lee Curtis, Jonathon Lee, Frankie Leigh, William Margold, Taija Rae, Hank Rose, Viper.
Club 64 is the typical ’70s/early-’80s disco: the music is bad, the clothes are worse, but the sex is plentiful and carefree. On stage, young hopefuls dance the night away and hope to be noticed and wisked away to the bright lights while in the crowd, young hopefuls wait to be wisked away to the nearest bed for some carnal capering. On that stage is Taija Rae, a dancer waiting for her big break and Jerry Butler, her burnt -out musician boyfriend who is reaching the rocky bottom of a drug habit gone supernova. And through it all, they soothe themselves with wild sexual antics and feverish couplings. Taija is young and mesmerizingly beautiful here, and Butler is at the peak of his acting prowess.

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