Inn Of Sin (1988)

Director: Jack Remy
Starring: Alicia Monet, Lisa Bright, Megan Leigh, Yoko, Billy Dee, Jonathon Lee, Mike Horner, Peter North, Shone Taylor.
What the guests at the Black Swan Inn are after isn’t a good night’s sleep. What they get is a wild, lust filled night that heats up every sheet in the lodge. Buffy and Reggie are a rich and kinky pair on the prowl for anything that moves, while “Razor” Jack, the rock star, leaves his bored girlfriend, Sunshine to find excitement in everyone’s nook and cranny. Of course there are the newlyweds trying desperately to consummate their marriage. Lest we forget the handy staff of the Inn; Yoko the lascivious maid, Hercules the bellhop with a passion to please, and your host, Conrad, who just wants everybody to have a good time…and believe us, they do.

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