Inflamed (1984)

Director: Lawrence T Cole
Starring: Debbie Green, Renee Tiffany, Misty Regan, Lynx Canon, Jonathan Younger, Nick Niter, Don Fernando, Jon Martin, Billy Dee, Jesse Adams, Blair Harris, Dan T. Mann.
Inflamed is the story of Satania and her evil master. Satania is seduced by evil that compels her to use her sexuality to capture the spirits of her inflamed lovers. Satania is sent on many missions of lust by her black cloaked, evil lover who lives in a fire filled cave. She gives him the spirits of her lovers in exchange for the flaming, sensual pleasures that only the malevolent power can give her. Satania dances wildly before her victims, creating for each on an unfulfilled and irresistible sexual fantasy.

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