Infirmieres Et Salopes (2006)

Starring: Patricia, Bianca, Salome, Alex, J.P. X, Carole, Suzanne Breno, Clara G., Lauro Giotto, Jennifer Stone.
The appointment: while a doctor checks an attractive young patient, his assistant gives her some very intimate caresses. Soon enough, they are all engaged in some very audacious sexual games.
A hot wake up call: whilst his roommate is asleep, a patient is “having fun” with a nurse. A few minutes later, our pretty nurse is giving one hell of a good time to both men.
Practical work: a smart nurse tries to cheer up her boring boss while playing with her pussy in front of him. 5 minutes later, the two are all over each other.
Lesbian fun: while they make a bed, two young mischievous nurses are having a laugh fighting with pillows. Soon enough, the fun takes a very sensual turn…
Pussy awakening: a nurse protests when a doctor strokes her arse. But we soon hear roars of pleasure when she’s taken up there by two men at once!

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