Infermiera Di Lusso (1999)

AKA: Luxsury Nurse
Meine Schrecklich Nette Familie
Meine Persönliche Krankenschwester
Les Infirmières Du Sexe
Director: Luca Damiano
Starring: Olivia Del Rio, Nikki Anderson, Baby Nielsen, Gabriella, Ferenc, Cristina, Karim.
A nurse is hired to assist a disabled person in a wheelchair. Already on her first day of work, the nurse must intervene immediately to an emergency! Her employer got sick while looking at her take a shower. The nurse promptly intervenes by measuring the pressure in his cock! But the events run while the nurse helps the patient, the gardener spots an attractive waitress who he ends up having bent on all fours to sniff the flowers.
Other exciting action go on in this movie, female-male-female trios, trios male-male-female, lesbian on a piano, anal and facials. Finally, during a ride to the hospital by ambulance, the unexpected happens…


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