In Loving Color 1 (1992)

Director: Sean Michaels
Starring: Keisha, Venus, Janet Jacme, Carmen, Bianca Trump, Jacki Geewhiz, Cindy Snow, Shay Shay, Alicia Rio, Ron Hightower, Jonathan Morgan, Julian St. Jack, Sean Michaels, Niki Good, Paul McCoy.
A parody of the hit TV show from a few years back, this Sean Michaels collage of skin tones boasts some fine writing and a array of gorgeous ladies doing very decadent things. Janet Jacme is a fresh new face here, and she has all of the rookie’s raw enthusiasm in her back-door boff session with leading man Sean. Also on hand is the curvy Persia. One of the loveliest black girls in adult film, this is also one of Persia’s first roles and she is a remarkable sexual performer and demonstrates a flair for comedy as well. Elsewhere, Keisha adds a little vanilla to Mr. Michael’s interracial mix, and Bianca Trump adds a little hot Latina spice.

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