In Cold Sweat (1996)

Director: Jon Dough
Starring: Dyanna Lauren, Laura Palmer, Monique DeMoan, Stephanie Swift, Stacy Valentine, Jon Dough, Steven St. Croix, Mark Davis, Tommy Gunn.
Dyanna Lauren stars in this virtually plotless collection of sex scenes, showing off her sultry curves and insatiable energy in a pair of wild outings. She begins the video in fine form, joining Steven St. Croix for a fiery bedroom bounce that kick starts the passionate proceedings. Dyanna can sometimes seem reserved, but here she’s at her excitable, enthusiastic best. A Monique DeMoan solo session follows, and then we rejoin Dyanna in the back of a van. There, she takes on Stephanie Swift and Tommy Gunn in a blistering threesome. The lovely figures of the two starlets keeps this one at a fever pitch throughout, and Dyanna and Steph really lose themselves in the action. Monique’s back in the next scene, this time hooking up with Jon Dough for some randy rear entry romping. Luscious Euro-babe Laura Palmer shines in the clinch with Mark Davis, while Monique takes some time out to enjoy some Sapphic sizzling with Missy and Felecia. The closer stars buxom beauty Stacy Valentine, who steams her way to the finish line opposite St. Croix. Nothing fancy here, just white-hot sex from some of the most talented and alluring performers of their day.

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