IL Maestro (1997)

AKA: Usura Gallery
Voyeur Gallery
Usura Financiera
Starring: Susan Besteck, Blondie, Rick Bold, Luana Borgia, Katy Borman, Ilio Dei, Silvio Evangelista, Don Fernando, Domitiana Klever, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Caterina Lievacic, Marta Lusini, Francesco Malcom, Mario Massetti, Angela Pintus, Paru Silios, Amanda Steele, Tima, Joseph Tremenda, Valentino.
Several entrepreneurs in need of liquidity to keep their businesses turn to organized crime groups to provide them with money and meet their business crises. But naturally, the “mob loans” carry very high interest rates. And when you can not repay the money in their maturity, begins an ordeal that is summarized in threats, beatings, killings and whether entrepreneurs are women, sex and seduction of nature acquire more pervesa heights.

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