I Do 1 (1989)

Starring: Cheri Taylor, Hyapatia Lee, Jacqueline, Sharon Kane, Bud Lee, Jon Dough, Robert Bullock, Scott St. James, Tom Byron.
The movie opens with some cheap classic music & Hyapatia Lee (the wife) frolicking trough the park, chased by her husband Randy (Robert Bullocks). After teasing him into the house both end up lying on the stairs and she calls him fatty. Randy overreacts, freaking out at her remark. She calms him down & he fondles her breasts, sucks at the nipples & works himself down to her pussy. He starts licking. She moans and suddenly remembers a scene from the past she has to tell him about. Immediatly. This cannot wait. So, instead of staring at Hyapatia’s breasts, we find ourselves looking at a scene with Robert Bullocks and Bud Lee playing chess. Tom (Tom Byron), a young arcitecture student, shows up and Randy tells his wife to show him the garden. Tom gives the shrubs a glance and Hyapatia, the obedient housewife, shows him her bush. His effort to water it fails and ends up in a facial. We’re back on the stairs. After hearing from Hyapatia how much she enjoyed that facial Randy wants to know how long Tom’s dick is. It’s really important to him. Hyapatia flees into the next scene. She’s walking in the garden, accompanied by a girlfriend. She tells her about her problems with Randy. It seems like Hyapatia has to tell him fake sex stories to get him exited.
Scene change. The couple has visitors. Beth and Howard are admiring the architecture and Randy fantasizes about Hyapatia having sex with Howard. Hyapatia leaves and Howard is fulfilling Randy’s wishes with Beth instead. Another dream scene, as it seems unlikely that couple would pork around in other peoples houses. Later, the two of them alone at dinner, Hyapatia tells Randy she invited a swinger couple. She found the adress in one of Randy’s mags (Swingers Almanac!). She thinks seeing the real thing happen will lessen Randy’s obsession. Terry (Jon Dough) and Arlene (Jacquline O’Dell) arrive and enjoy a threesome with Hyapatia. Randy has to watch. After that Hyapatia’s gone and left a note. After that horrible experience she feels like she needs a timeout. Hyapatia’s girlfriend Carrol (Sharon Kane) shows up at Randy’s house to pick up some stuff. Randy raves on about his forbidden fantasies and talks Carrol into Bullocks first scene in the movie. After that Carrol and Hyapatia share some tender moments. The final scene shows a brief meeting between Hyapatia and Randy. Hyapatia got herself a new lover, a rich lawyer with a big dick. She tells Randy all about it. This time everything is for real. Hyapatia leaves Randy to meet her big dick lawyer and he ponders if she’s gonna tell him all about it later.

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