I Cream On Jeannie (1995)

Director: Ali J. Boobie
Starring: Emily Hill, Domonique Simone, Jordan Lee, Ice, Esa Marie, David Hardman, Colt Steele, Rick Masters, Derrick Taylor, Danny DeMeato.
It seems that poor little Emily Hill isn’t getting enough physical attention in her life lately. That is, until she discovers a magical genie who transports her through time and space to a mystical land of unflagging sexual excitement. Southern belle Jordan Lee sizzles as the sexy genie who guides Emily through her garden of unearthly delights. She’s got a whole host of magical ladies-in-waiting, and an enthusiastic partner like Emily is just what they’ve been waiting for! The whole thing turns into a series of supremely sensual sex scenes featuring Emily being ravished by guys, gals, or any combination of the two. It’s a provocative and slightly disorienting ride to the far side of passion.

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