House Of Sleeping Beauties 3 (1998)

Director: Paul Thomas
Starring: Taylor Hayes, Locklear, Joel Lawrence, Michael J. Cox, Ruby, Chloe, Angelica Sin, James Bonn, Brad Armstrong, Mr. Marcus, Billy Glyde, Jessica Darlin, Alyssa Love, Rich Handsome.
Director Paul Thomas returns once again to his mythical House of Sleeping Beauties for this third tantalizing trek. The idea is that the House is a place where old men can come for the night, spending it alongside a youthful stunner who will sleep next to them. There’s to be no hanky panky, but the experience enables the guys to think back to their younger days, when they were able to do much more than just sleep near lovely ladies. It’s a nice way to work in a whole string of flashback and fantasy segments, without losing the narrative thrust that Thomas is aiming for. The plot of this one involves James Bonn and Joel Lawrence as a pair of World War II vets who both fell for the same woman back in the day. The object of their delirious desire was luscious Taylor Hayes, a woman who worked as a nurse at the military hospital by day and as a prostitute by night. The tale is told as a series of flashbacks as Bonn lies next to Locklear in the House of Sleeping Beauties. This video is Taylor’s tour de force, a chance to show that given the right material, she’s among the most talented women in the industry. She sizzles in each and every scene, whether taking on Bonn in a steamy session or romping her way through a threesome with Joel and busty Jessica Darlin. Taylor also finds her way into the middle of a heated orgy segment with Ruby and a bunch of hardy soldiers. All in all, this is one of the best plot-driven sexvids of the year, a great choice for couples or anyone who enjoys some real story with their action. “Volcanic! Taylor is magnificent!” — Adam Film World.

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