House Of Blue Dreams (1986)

AKA: Touring The House Of Blue Dreams
Director: Jerome Tanner
Starring: Peter North, Nina Hartley, Tom Byron, Careena Collins, Steve Drake, Steve Powers, Mike Horner, Jack Baker, Buffy Davis, Paul Thomas, Tanya Foxx, Tiffany DuPonte, Maggie Randall.
Picture, if you will, a lonely house on a dark, rocky hill, uninhabited for many years since a tragic accident that shocked the community and baffled the authorities. Now a young debutante, on her own for the first time, buys the house with daddy’s money and moves in. At once her dreams begin to fill with bizarre sexual rituals and images of explicit carnal lust. She imagines men with women, women with women, and she soon finds herself giving her body to men she never met before, for no apparent reason.
Is she crazy? Is she losing her grasp on reality? Or is it something else? Combining the sheer raw sexual power to director Jerome Tanner with the supernatural twists of the Twilight Zone, THE HOUSE OF BLUE DREAMS explores new limits of adult entertainment, with a surprise ending that will arouse both your curiosity and your desire.
The story of an innocent driven into a sexual frenzy by forces beyond the control of man, THE HOUSE OF BLUE DREAMS is destined to become a classic for its innovative concepts and powerful sexual performances.

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