Hotel Bon Plaisir (1981)

Director: Michel Barny
Starring: Laura May, Isabelle Brell, Vanessa, Alaban Ceray, Guy Royer, Piotr Stanislas.
Laura Miles goes to work at a hotel run by Alban Ceray. He takes her down to the cellar to get her uniform and gets her to have sex with him there and then. She resists, but not much.
Her first duty is to make the bed in a room. Pjotr Stanislas is having a shave in the bathroom and comes out naked to be treated to a view of her behind as she bends over the bed. Sex follows, with no resisitance this time. She seems to have been told to please the guests.
Businessman Guy Royer books into a room with his secretary (XNK0347) and fucks her on the bed while she takes dictation in all sorts of awkward positions.
A woman (XNK0348) books in and rings for room service. Laura brings up a bottle of something and is groped by the woman. Lesbian sex follows.
Guy Royer leaves the building. His secretary is still in the room and Alban goes up. Within moments she is having sex with him. Pjotr Stanislas then joins them, then the third woman and finally Laura joins in.

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