Hot Teenage Assets (1978)

Director: Zachary Strong
Starring: Chris Cassidy, Eileen Welles, Lysa Thatcher, Sharon Kane, Cindy Carver, Rene Lovins, Karen Sweet.
HOT TEENAGE ASSETS – 1979. 68 Minutes. Chris Cassidy, Eileen Welles.
A pushy boyfriend wants his girl’s ass bad, and does everything he can to get her to open her hole for his cock.
PLAYTHINGS – 1979. 65 Minutes. Lysa Thatcher, Sharon Kane.
A geeky alien named Dork visits earth to peruse the sexual talents of nubile Lysa Thatcher and Sharon Kane.
LITTLE SHOW OFFS – 1984. 81 Minutes. Cindy Carver, Rene Lovins, Karen Sweet.
A big budget documentary style series of vignettes about porn stars and their fantasies.

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