Hot Rats (2004)

Director: Narcis Bosch
Starring: Michelle Wild, Nacho Vidal, Sophie Evans, Stacy Silver, Anna Nova, Lea De Mae, Malena, Carmen, Bamboo, Silvia Lancome, Andree.
Enter a parallel universe where fairy tales and bedtimes stories take on a life of their own and fantasy and reality merge into a world of sexual pleasure and gratification far beyond the wildest of dreams.
From a seductive Little Red Riding Hood to an insatiable Snow White director Narcis Bosch weaves a decadent tale of lust, fantasy and sexual perversion that leaves the viewer gasping for more…and more there is, as we enter a classroom where the teacher is the lesson and bad behavior is a required subject. Then we meet the Three Little Pigs who have their way with the virginal Sophie Evans and even the Big Bad Wolf gets into the act as he huffs and puffs devours two sex crazed nurses to a hellish hallway where a devilish guide seduces all who pass her way. Then we visit the arena of sin where hundreds gaze in awe as sexual athletes compete for the crown of perversion.

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