Hot Buns (1983)

Starring: Lee Carroll, Dorothy Onan, Eric Edwards, Rose Marie, Deidra Hopkins, Robert Bullock, Dino Alexander, Blake Palmer.
The late sixties were a tough-and-tender time when many an over-sexed young girl literally put her ass on the line in order to maintain her vaginal virginity. The idea of backing into the sex act while keeping up a good front, is the stuff that bestsellers are made of. So, Chris, a sensuous and successful authoress, with aroused encouragement from her live-in lover, Harry, who decides to document a book to be called “The Bottom Line,” the rear-way that things went down by bringing some of the “old gang” together for a hot weekend of raw reflections.
Joyfully getting together are Vin, a stuffy businessman who has forgotten how to be sexually adventurous; his wife Britt, who still longs for excitement; and B.R., a loud lady with a preference for the softer things in life, but who can also handle the harder facts of lust.
Rounding out the group are Britt’s foxy little brother Chico and B.R.’s public-playmate Lee. And, while the amorous younger generation is carnally cavorting in their own time zone, the older folks are blissfully reassessing their sexual associations…only to discover that what some said they did back then, didn’t really go down, or up, the way it seemed.

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