Hot Bodies (1983)

AKA: Ardeurs Perverses
Starring: Marianne Aubert, Aurore, Olinka Hardiman, Cathy Menard, John Oury, Patricia, Carole Pierac, Gabriel Pontello, Patricia Samba, Marion Sicard.
The breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps provides the backdrop for smoldering sensuality in Hot Bodies. Roland, a handsome forty-year old businessman, is quite fond of his lovely wife, Doris – but that doesn’t stop him from taking advantage of the lovely young girls who are always attracted to him. Not that Doris isn’t open minded, however – after seeing an erotic movie with her husband, the couple ends up going with a lovely young woman and engaging in a torrid threeway affair. But this erotic interlude leaves Doris with a bad taste, and she gives Roland the perfect opportunity to bring home all the girls he’s ever wanted; and Doris gets a chance to live it up with Didier and his best friend. But too much of a good thing is the downfall of this liberated couple. They will catch themselves indulging their hot bodies in some very hot sex.

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