High School Memories (1980)

Director: Anthony Spinelli
Starring: Annette Haven, Dorothy LeMay, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Richard Pacheco, John Martin, Chris Hopkins.
oted Best X-Rated Program at the VIRA Awards, HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES is a man’s movie and a couple’s movie. It is a rare turn-on from start to finish. Starring lovely Annette Haven. HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES centers around the relationship between a former football coach and a teacher, each nervously returning home for a reunion at the high school from which they were fired (for some hilarious improprieties) five years earlier. Both coach and teacher have undergone dramatic personal changes since last seeing each other. Through flashbacks, we glimpse at their fun and sex-filled past. HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES is a film aimed at home audiences. If you are a women, you’d enjoy all the males as lovers and if you’re a male, vice-versa.

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