Haunted (2001)

Director: Jerome Tanner
Starring: Briana Banks, Claudia Adkins, Miss Arroyo, Friday, Toni James, Dillion Day, Evan Stone, Lee Stone, Bobby Vitale, Mark Wood.
When contractors build a new house right on top of the ruins of an ancient brothel, you can bet that things start getting weird — and wild — in a hurry. The building disturbs the sexy spirits who are residing there, and they decide to return to the world of the living in order to engage in some seriously sexy shenanigans. Briana Banks takes center stage in the hottest scene, romping with Bobby Vitale in a white-hot tryst that features some fantastic camera shots of her endlessly busty bod. Claudia Adkins gets in on some deep dish booty busting, taking on Mark Wood in a ravenous romp. Foxy Friday also proves that she’s got what it takes to keep a scene on full boil, hooking up with Evan Stone in another blistering rear entry romp. Meriesa Arroyo and Lee Stone scorch the screen with their amorous antics, while Toni James and Dillion Day also lend their energies to the mix. This is well-made plot-driven porn that’s sure to appeal to anyone looking for heavy action, good looking performers and a creative approach. “A Winner!” — Adult Video News.

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