Hardcore Paradise (2004)

Director: Giancarlo Bini
Starring: Jennifer Dark, Anastasia Christ, Claudia Rossi, Elen, Maya Gold, Olivia Villalba, Philippe Dean, Rodolphe Antrim, Sandy Style, Sebastian Barrio, Titof.
On the beaches of Reunion Island, three beautiful women converse and share the most intimate details of their recent sexual exploits. With each story they tell, comes the vivid imagery of all the places that they had one night stands-on the beach, in a luxurious villa, on a yacht and in a nightclub. And with each tale of uninhibited passion that they share, they soon find themselves hot and bothered and competing to outdo each other with their tales of ecstasy. After all is said and done, the three women venture out to find a new sexual adventure…together. Hardcore Paradise, where fantasies become reality…

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