Goodbye Marilyn 2 (2012)

Starring: Ashley Dark, Conny Dachs, Jean Pallett, Julie Hunter, Kim Triple X, Kookie Ryan, Markus Waxenegger, Tekohas.
And so our attractive heroine Marilyn (Julie Hunter) is in Mr. Egger’s (Mark Waxenegger) power-hungry clutches. Marilyn, a former escort girl, is very skeptical, but when he swears eternal love, can the “naive blonde” stay at the mercy of the sex-addicted swindler? Not only that he is caught cheating on more than one occasion – no to all this, He keeps her “trapped” in his “Showgirls Club”, a money-making flagship WITHOUT ever giving the girls a payoff. And with that comes Joe (Kookie Ryan) a gifted choreographer into play. Self-deceived by Egger several times and his girlfriend (Kim XXX) robbed – a fatal attraction arises between him and Marylin. What that opens up now is a scheming scene between career-minded showgirls and ruthless showbiz gangsters. A film full of strip shows, groovy music and fraudulent businessmen – in which our heroine attractive Marylin has the last word: “If I go, YOU go broke…

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