Gold Diggers (1985)

Starring: Gina Valentino, Bunny Bleu, Jessica Wylde, Misty Regan, Chuck martin, Greg Rome, Marc Wallice, Steve Hunter, Stone Taylor, Jill Kelly, Chessie Moore.
When a trio of gold digging young beauties hit Beverly Hills, things get hot in a hurry! The idea is that they’ll rent out a mansion, pretend to be rich themselves, and land some fabulously wealthy hubbies. But they don’t even have enough cash for the rent — a problem Misty Regan solves with a little sexy servicing of the realtor! Now the gals have a whole weekend to catch the guy of their dreams. The mansion becomes a constant whirlwind of upper-crust partying and sexual indiscretions, with everything from lusty lesbianism to feverish group gropes going on. It’s a non-stop blast of sheer erotic energy as the gals pull out all the stops to woo their wealthy studs! So come on down and join the fun!

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