Girls Will Be Boys 2 (1992)

Starring: Susan Vegas, Gidgette, Satina, Chessi Moore, Renee Foxxe, Deziree Roxxx, Ashley Dunn, Krisstaran Knight, Krystina King.
Here we go again…If you thought part one was hot, just wait till you feast your eyes on this all girl anal extravaganza! Part one was a tease when you compare it with this awesome feature. It’s the best looking girls doing what only men have done! You’re about to witness the most bizarre tail of pure, unadulterated girl/girl sex ever. It’s non stop dildo inserting, tongue licking, finger fricking passion ever to be seen on any screen. Only a mind like Duck Dumont could envision this king of action! Prepare your self for the absolute in all girl action because this is…Girls Will Be Boys!!!

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