Gamiani (1997)

AKA: Lady Gamiani
Gamaiani – Two Nights In Extasy
Director: Luca Damiano
Starring: Ursula, Valentina, Beatrix, Lea Martini, David Gladio, Bruno SX, Roberto Malone, Baby Nielsen, Eva Falk, Kirstin Churcher, Remigio Bosquet, Richard Lengin, Linda Thorens.
Baron Alcide is a guest at one of the world’s most beautiful mansion. His hostess is a fascinating and gorgeous French lady. Madame Gamiani is part of the high class society of France and will confess her most intimate perversions to the Baron. With his acute intelligence and experience, the Baron encounters no obstacles in finding out all the secrets of Gamiani: Her sexual experiences during her adolescent years, her problems in climbing with men, her bisexuality‚Ķ
However, one day, a young girl named Fanny joins the house, disrupting Gamiani’s life. Fanny is immediately attracted to both poles; the fascinating Alcide and to the perversions of Gamiani. One day, Gamiani decides to organize a party which soon enough turns into an orgy. It is at that moment that Fanny finally decides and runs away with Alcide forever.

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