Gallery Of Sin 3 (2001)

Director: Jerome Tanner
Starring: Briana Banks, Sophie Evans, Nikita Denise, Scotti Andrews, Dominica Leon, Dale DaBone, Joel Lawrence, Chris Cannon, Mark Davis, Tyce Bune, Evan Stone, Diana Richards.
The third edition of the scorching series once again takes us behind the scenes into an art world that’s much more sex-driven than you might guess. This time out, we’re confronted with the ample up-front charms of busty Briana Banks, one of the most wonderfully top-heavy tarts to break into the biz lately. Briana stars as in the dubious role of museum curator — something about her line delivery here makes us question if she even knows what the word ‘curator’ means. She’s shocked when one day a work appears that seems to depict her engaged in some pretty passionate playing around. While she tries to find out who the artist is and where he got his ideas from, her friends and co-workers begin delving into all manner of freaky fantasy fulfillment themselves. Before you can say ‘Pablo Picasso’ three times fast, the whole gallery is chock full of rutting and ravenous patrons of the erotic arts. The producers have done a nice job lining up the talent for this one, and as a result the cast is full of some fresh-faced firecrackers who haven’t been overexposed. As such, the gals deliver some real energy and enthusiasm throughout each and every sex scene here. So put aside the dopey storyline and its would-be serious tone — this one is about sex, plain and simple, and on that front it delivers the goods and then some.

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