Gallery Of Sin 1 (1999)

Director: Jerome Tanner
Starring: Tera Patrick, Inari Vachs, Lola, Rayveness, Kiki, Nina, Jazaree Robs, Nick East, Dave Hardman, Mike Horner, Todd Alexander, Nacho.
Rayveness and Nick East are artists who specialize in the decadent and provocative. Each of them takes the erotic as a subject, and their compositions are consistently exceedingly hot. But when they tried to collaborate, their volatile artistic sensibilities made a mess of things, and the results were a certifiable disaster. We get to hear each of them narrate the tale here, and then, of course get to see a series of sexy scenarios unfold. Especially hot is Inari Vachs and Mike Horner’s torrid tussle, which beautifully showcases the heart-stopping Inari’s full pallet of prodigious penchant for horny excess. Look too for Nacho and the stunningly beautiful Sadie Jordan’s blast-furnace encounter, during which the exquisite Ms. Jordan is treated to an especially large helping of Nacho’s notorious apparatus. And when Rayveness and Nick finally hook up in the finale, the proceedings are nothing short of scalding. A gorgeous production boasting talent and napalm-hot sex aplenty.

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