Future Sex (1985)

Director: Lawrence T. Cole
Starring: Amber Lynn, Erica Idol, Lili Marlene, Jill Ferari, Lynx Canon, Gail Sterling, Jonathon Younger, Herschel Savage, Billy Dee, Rocky Balboa, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas, Blair Harris, Dan T. Mann, Chris Chase.
There will someday come a time when LOVE will be forbidden and LUST will be mandatory. The time is now in FUTURESEX! The law is set down by Older Brother: Love is Seduction; Lust is Loyalty. You’ll witness the outer limits of base human sexuality-no kissing, no heart-only lust…
Amber Lynn is Commander of Room 101, where those afflicted with love are cured with pure lust. Paul Thomas assists as they succeed in curing many cases in Room 101-using the Laser Bed, the Cage, and Chrome Bars-each person willingly pressing the “Betrayal” button as pure lust replaces feelings and love.

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