Fuck Fighter (2007)

Starring: Ellen Saint, Aida Visconti, Angela Dorada, Jessica Gayle, Rosa Rey, Giorgio Grandi, Ian Scott, Marco Nero, Omar Galanti, Richard Langin, David Desfiandris, Roberto Malone.
Martial artist and “kick boxing” in particular, Ian is training seriously under the ferule of his master, Omar, and is often measured in a rival gang hired by Roberto, a caid of the Mafia, who wants impose its law. A swarm of pretty girls more or less venal revolve around “guys” who, if they do not deny to enjoy, do testify to their hardly respects. Having neglected the financial side of things, Ian, cornered, must solve a compromise with his opponents. Then he finds an unexpected ally in the person of Lea, a pretty blonde rebellion brutality of its … protecteurs.Si martial arts involve self-control, they also seem to be a powerful aphrodisiac making its supporters lubricity champions. Fellatio and cunnilingus are just the prelude to vigorous vaginal and anal penetrations that girls suffer without complaint when the stiff rod of their partners ravage the fragile corolla of their small hole … A daring film whose impact can not leave indifferent the most blase of sports … sex.

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