Frontin’ Da Booty (1994)

Starring: Jordan McKnight, Anna Malle, Nikki Sinn, Heather Lee, Tom Byron, Julian St. Jox, Tom Chapman.
Well, there’s literally nothing that unites the title of this one with the carnal contents within, except maybe for the word ‘booty.’ There’s definitely plenty of back door screwing throughout this steamy 1994 outing, but precious little fronting of any kind. Instead, we get to watch Tom Chapman as a goofy guy who just can’t seem to understand the workings of his girlfriends’ minds. He calls on the help of his imaginary friend Cool Dude, played by Julian St. Jox, a ghostly cat who helps Tom through the ups and downs of his relationship with new gal pal Jordan McKnight. The whole thing’s a half-baked porno version of “Play It Again Sam,” but it’s saved by the lusty performances of its female cast. Jordan’s simply one of the most alluring, wonderfully curvaceous cute girls in all of porn, and she tosses her tasty little frame into the action here with the wild abandon of a true blue sexual adventurer. Jordan takes on Nikki Sinn and Chapman in a pair of pulse-pounding plunges, showing off her mesmerizing figure and insatiable energy to fabulous erotic effect. Even hotter is Nikki’s filthy-mouthed fling with Chapman in the video’s early moments, as Nikki drives the scene forward with her nasty calls for more. Heather Lee also shines in the clinch, taking on Tom Byron and Anna Malle in a white-hot threesome that lets both gals’ libidos loose to roam. Some nice action will help you ignore the silly script, and fans of Jordan’s or Nikki’s will especially love it.

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