French Throat (1975)

Starring: Francoise Germain, Janine Bitsch, Agnes Sivel, Lila Coutard, Michele Cohnbendit, Anna Guillemot, Denise Fleytoux.
Take a tour of Paris’ most intimate spots, and you’ll see for yourself why this is the world’s most sensual city. Ah, thank heaven for French girls—like Francoise, a delectable maiden who hungers to live up to her nickname, “French Throat.” Then travel across town, as three secretaries on their day off work overtime to please their own unique sexual needs. That’s only the beginning of the distinctive Gallic delights awaiting you, including a kinky couple who play out bizarre roles in a very “theatrical” coupling, while horny Parisian wives, like mouth-watering Michelle, treat every man like a king. Capping off this titillating tour is a look at two uninhibited groupies who love to make beautiful music with ribald rock and rollers! So, if you plan to visit Paris, take a reliable video guide—FRENCH THROAT!

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