French Fantasies (1973)

Director: Monsieur Duval
Starring: Antoinette Turquois, Michelle Cohn-Bendit, Genevieve Aubord, Denose Martisn, Lila Regan, Andrea Rothchid, Jacques DeVole, Armand Pierre Lascaux, Robert Alain Coute.
Classic French Porn from the ’70’s! World Class Erotica, with the absolute hottest stars of classic adult film! Stars European hotties Antoinette Turquois and Michelle Cohn-Bendit.
This one is for guys who wonder what it would be like to have sex with a French woman. Monsieur Duval, who directs the film, goes all out to give you steamy sex intercut with background shots of Paris and the Riviera at Nice. In addition, a voice-over of a sexy French lady, in highly accented English, relays the naughty sexual details during the scenarios. A true sexual experience for the senses.

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