French Connexion (2007)

Starring: Jane Darling, Sarah Twain, Yasmine, Jessica Fiorentino, Katsumi, Kathy Anderson, Stacy Silver, Suzie Diamond, Lydia St. Martin, Zafira, Katalin, Judith Fox, Tony Carrera, Lauro Giotto, Ian Scott, James Brossman, Tom Cruiso, JPX, Bob Terminator.
Sacha Bonovitch, the boss of a drug dealers’ international organization, is working in France through his contact, Ian, also known in the underworld as “Le Frances.” Since he has started working in France, Sacha has defied the police at every opportunity. Sacha seems unstoppable… nevertheless, like all men, he has his weakness: Insatiable hunger for sex and beautiful women. With such an appetite, swarms of beautiful girls offer their “professional” services without any complications. Sacha will soon discover the French Touch.

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