French Beauty (2001)

Director: John B. Root
Starring: Mathilda, Sweety, Jennifer Loca, Loulou, Akira, K. Sandra, Csilla Star, Luna Moon, Adrianna Laurenti, Lolita, Jessica Mark, Hervé P., Gustave, Greg Centauro, Titof, Ian Scott.
Loulou is researching a story about prostitution in France. She meets a weird swinger (HPG) who introduces her to his equally weird and wildly fornicating family.
At first rather dialogue-heavy and skimpy on the sex, this ‘Marc Dorcel’ production picks up steam in the second half and turns into an all-out fuck frenzy.
With the exception of some 1-on-1 lesbo action, all of the fucking is done in groups and frequently involves anal interplay and double dickings.

No Pass

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