Foxy Lady (1977)

Director: Jack Genero
Starring: Sandy Pinney, Kristine Heller, Valerie Driskell, Kim Yoko, John Leslie, Lee Foster, Paul Crandall, Seth Wagner.
WITH HER SILKY TONGUE & VELVETY FINGERS, SHE PLAYS VERY DIRTY!!!!She has a silky tongue & velvety fingers…she’s FOXY LADY!….Ginger and Cliff, her wealthy husband, live in the enviable world of fast cars, expensive homes, erotic sports cars & non-stop sex. But their bubble soon burst as Ginger is kidnapped and held for ransom. Amidst this anguishing turn of events, a stunning blonde suddenly appears at Cliff’s house. It’s Shirley, Ginger’s sister, who offers to help. The two abductors have taken Ginger to their island hideaway where they are met by Karen, an exotic Oriental beauty…and the three take full advantage of their captive. Ginger manages to escape only to be intercepted by Amos, a big black stud who promises to “get her off.” the island if she promises to “gets him off.” The shocker comes when Shirley pulls a gun on Cliff and tells him it was she who engineered the whole thing! Ah, but there are more shocking surprises in store for you when you see the startling climax of Foxy Lady, the most powerful sex film of the year!

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