Forbidden (1976)

AKA: Paul Lisa And Caroline
Starring: Genadee Cook, Peter Balakoff, Diane Miller, Margo Hanson, Bill Margold, John Boland, Ann Webster, Jana Knox, Hillary Scott, Karla Garrett.
FORBIDDEN aka PAUL, LISA AND CAROLINE strives to be the type of torturous relationship drama that John Cassavetes was then gaining fame – and, in some circles, notoriety – for.
Paul, a smugly handsome leading man is a middle-aged director of TV commercials who has a longstanding on-again, off-again relationship with actress Lisa (Diane Miller) when he marries much younger fledgling writer Caroline (Gena Lee) out of the blue. Initially apprehensive of one another, the two women end up falling in love, excluding Paul from their union with terrible results.

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