For Services Rendered (1985)

Director: Tim McDonald
Starring: Bridgette Monet, Cyndee Summers, Greta Geist, Heather Thomas, Maria Tortuga, David Cannon, F. Powers Gireau, Ian MacGregor, Rick Cassidy.
Get ready for the wildest sexpionage caper ever! You can bet your Aston-Martin that crack secret agent James Bomb will sniff out many a “foreign affair” as payment-in-full For Services Rendered. It all starts when evilly delicious Nocturna Vigil and her hot hit girl Tasti Delite (Cyndee Summers) steal some sexually incriminating microfilm from the Soviet Embassy. Called to the London office, James must retrieve the microfilm in “Operation Thunderpussy.” Traveling across Europe, Mr. Bomb and his horny assistant Carstairs stay hot on the tail…ah, trail – until Carstairs corners Nocturna and pumps her for more than information. The action gets wilder and wilder until James recovers the microfilm and delivers the goods in London where he learns more than he bargained for about Tasti. The nasty Nocturna Vigil ends up being rewarded with her “cum-uppance” in a rather unusual way. And finally, Mr. Bomb’s secret admirer Miss Penneypecker (Bridgette Monet) reveals some tantalizing plans for her idol that are guaranteed to keep the old boy up nights!

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