For Richer For Poorer (1979)

Director: Gerard Damiano
Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Annie Sprinkle, Robert Bolla, Mary Margaret, Paula Morton, Debbie Revenge, Kasey Rodgers, Herschel Savage, Bobby Astyr.
Porn legend Georgina Spelvin turns in one of her finest performances ever in this steamy opus about divorce, middle-aged lust and hidden desire. It’s another old school classic from director Gerard Damiano, made all the more potent by Spelvin’s hypnotic central performance. She plays a woman whose husband has abandoned her for a younger gal, and who finds herself alone and without anyone to share her passions with. Spelvin begins constructing a sexual fantasy life for herself, dreaming up torrid encounters involving her former husband, his friends, and just about any attractive person she runs into. While her real life falls apart, Spelvin’s fiery fantasies just keep getting more and more sexually outrageous. Eventually her dream world begins to spill over into her everyday life, driving her inevitably towards the flick’s shattering conclusion. Spelvin is fantastic in the lead, convincingly portraying a sexually needy older woman and delivering some incendiary trysts during her fantasy flings. This is just the kind of serious, atmospheric sexvid that Porn Valley stopped making years ago. It delves into real issues while still maintaining a sexy edge. Anyone into Golden Age erotica will surely love this tantalizing testament to divorcee debauchery.

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