Firestorm 3 (1987)

Director: Cecil Howard
Starring: Ali Moore, Nina Hartley, Renee Summers, Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Tish Ambrose, Eric Edwards, John Leslie, Michael Gaunt, Paul Thomas.
Cecil Howard presents the shattering climax to his universally acclaimed FIRESTORM saga of power lust and sexual intrigue. Everyone knows the story. FIRESTORM 3 brings its extravagant beauty and driving passion to a boil! International criminal, Lee Balcourt, locks horns with blackmailer, Ken Cushing, in a battle for ultimate control of Balcourt’s fortune – and the richest, most voluptuous women in the world: decadent Caroline, jaded Elise, innocent Claire, devastating Liza, and more. They will consume you in this outrageous climax to the greatest X-rated experience in history…

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