Finishing Touch (1994)

Directors: Ron Vogel, Jim Travis
Starring: Dyanna Lauren, Calista, Elanna, Tianna Temptress, Seth Damian, Krista, Brad Armstrong, Mike Horner, Chief Two Tone, Cal Jammer, Jill Kelly, Rick Blaine, Saki, Brad Armstrong.
Dyanna Lauren is a trouble-shooting script writer who specializes in spicing up screen plays which studio executives deem a little on the tepid side. She’s been given one such script and is experiencing more than a little writer’s block as she struggles to infuse it with some erotic energy. Then she hits upon the idea of putting herself into the story and letting her own libido dictate the storyline. This opens up a world of sexual opulence in which no excess satisfies Dyana or the characters she creates. Specializing in group encounters, this film is at its hottest – as is its star – when three or more performers are on the screen. This is most notably true in a three-woman lesbian triad with Dyana at its center. A thoughtful, wonderfully erotic look at the creative juices at work.

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