Femmes De Sade (1976)

AKA: Water Power
Director: Alex De Renzy
Starring: Abigail Clayton, Annette Haven, Candida Royalle, Leslie Bovee,Linda Wong,Mimi Morgan,Joey Silvera,John Leslie,Johnnie Keyes,Ken Turner,Turk Lyon,Tyler Reynolds.
What’s the first thing on any man’s mind when he’s freshly released from prison? Sex, of course! But what about the second, and third, and fourth? Most people would say a decent meal or a proper job, but in the case of ultimately perverted freak Rocky De Sade it’s exclusively sex; the sicker the better. Alex de Renzy’s “Femmes de Sade” is somewhat of a masterpiece in its own secluded and often neglected category. It’s a rough and brutal 70’s porn/horror movie with an adequate storyline, decent character drawings and sadistic hardcore material. Rocky (his last name is of course a fabulous homage to the legendary infamous marquis) walks out of the prison gates, promptly invites himself to the house of a fellow inmate and barbarically rapes his girlfriend. He then immediately dives into the big city’s nightlife, looking for more prostitutes to satisfy his sexual hunger and oppressed appetite for violence. The impressively postured and sick-spirited ex-con physically and mentally abuses a whole series of girls, until they combine forces and plot a vile & humiliating payback during a private orgy party. The film’s powerful impact principally relies on Ken Turner’s deranged performance as Rocky. This guy almost naturally radiates pure maliciousness & emotional nihilism, and he’s literally as big as a house! And very flexible, too, as demonstrated during the jaw-dropping scene in which he orally “pleasures” himself and uncannily forces a girl to do the same. There’s a parallel storyline, admittedly just to stretch the running time a little, about an adult video store clerk fantasizing about the all the women that pass by his store. The finale is short but sweet, and you should truly prepare yourself to witness a LOT of filth, including bestiality, urinal sex and even scat. Demented 70’s smut, highly recommend to all you sick puppies out there.

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