Fast Cars And Fast Women (1992)

Director: C. Everette Smythe
Starring: Victoria Paris, Brigette Aime, Stacey Nichols, Tara Gold, Mike Horner, Steve Drake, Cal Jammer.
The protagonist of this one runs an escort service that’s a bit different. Sure, he hooks up his clients with sexy, sultry sirens who are ready and willing to do their bawdy bidding. But he also throws in the rental of a luxury automobile into the mix, as well. The result is that his clients get the twin pleasures of blistering sex and high-octane thrills. The format of this one is pretty simple, as the escort service owner reminisces about some of his favorite clients and strumpets. We then watch the various couplings. A series of enthusiastic encounters atop and across the hoods of the cars ensues as the cast full of mouthwatering tarts does their utmost to get a rise out of an audience. The scenes are one-on-ones of the first order, including a ravenous Victoria Paris taking one her man atop a metallic blue Corvette that’s never had it so good. Brigitte Aime lets loose her inner sexual dynamo, revving up her man with her tenacious pursuit of pure porno passion. A pair of delectable blonde beauties engage in some steamy lesbian fun atop another lucky hood in a great segment. And Stacey Nichols shows why she was always such a fan fave when she peels off her blouse and gets down to some serious sizzle with some lucky stiff. A nice pick for fans of fast women and fast cars, and an obvious forerunner of the ‘Hot Bods & Tail Pipe’ series.

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