Falling From Grace (2003)

Director: Brad Armstrong
Starring: Sydnee Steele, Stephanie Swift, Nicole Sheridan, Felecia, Kitten, Stormy, Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Dillon, Voodoo, Joey Ray, Jessica Drake.
Director Brad Armstrong also stars in this controversial, endlessly erotic tale of religion, raunch and red hot romping. The flick begins with a prologue in which Brad relives the breakup of his relationship with buxom Sydnee Steele. It seems he caught her in the act with Dillon, a shock that sent him straight into the seminary. The action picks up five years later as Sydnee saunters back into his life. She apologizes and tells him that she’s eager to pick up where they left off. Of course, his new priestly vocation might just throw a monkey wrench into her plans! Brad sends her away, but her appearance stirs up long-dormant sexual feelings. While taking Stephanie Swift’s confession, he envisions her and Felecia in a steamy lesbian dust-up, and has decadent dreams of once again hooking up getting some oral love from Sydnee. Will Brad choose the sacred over the sinful? Or will Sydnee’s luscious charms be enough to pull the collar from around his neck? The answers might just surprise you in this well-made, endlessly erotic feature.

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