Fade To Black (1988)

Director: Ron Jeremy
Starring: Nina De Ponca, Kascha, Tiffany Storm, Ray Victory, Daryl Edwards, Steve Harber, Francois Papillion.
This 1988 collection brings together some of the decade’s hottest superstars in scene after scene of pure passion and pleasure. There’s no rhyme or reason to any of it, just lots of lusty action and gorgeous all-natural beauties.
We begin with Tiffany Storm and Laurel Canyon, a pair of roommates who catch cat burglar Darryl Edwards breaking into their apartment. They decide to teach him the error of his ways via some three-way sex in a decidedly different approach to the ‘scared straight’ philosophy.
Next, sweet Kascha watches a porno flick on TV with her beau Francois Pappilion, and the action gets them so worked up that they can’t help but emulate what they see on screen. Laurel returns for another go-round next, taking on Steve Harper in a steamy afternoon delight. Luscious Ona Zee begins the next clip naked in her pool. She calls for help from the ridiculous on-duty lifeguard Ray Victory, who saves her and then treats her to an energetic poolside plunge.
Laurel’s back once again in the next scene, this time hanging out at a local bar. She watches as Nina Hartley and one of the lucky customers go for broke atop the pool table. The finale brings us stunning Nina DePonca, a shapely black beauty who cuts to the front of a doctor’s office line by stripping down and treating the doctor to some heated good times. Silly, to be sure, but this one also features some outstanding interracial romps that shouldn’t be missed by fans of the genre.

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