Every Woman Has A Fantasy 2 (1986)

Director: Edwin Durrell
Starring: Lois Ayres, Nina Hartley, Keli Richards, Kari Foxx, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Troy Tannier.
First, there was Every Woman Has A Fantasy. Now, Edwin Durell, the master of modern erotica, brings you the long-awaited sequel, Every Woman Has A Fantasy Part 2. Come again with Ben and Teri Conti (John Leslie and Lois Ayres), as they continue to probe the boundaries of sexual experimentation – and discover some shocking new pleasures! Of course, Ben and the insatiable Teri aren’t your average couple, and neither are their fantasies! As a TV actor, Ben gets plenty of “rehearsal time” playing characters for Teri’s wicked delights. But when another couple joins in on the excitement, a whole new world of sexual possibilities is laid bare for the ever-experimental Teri. And once you get her going, there’s no stopping her…Experience Every Woman Has A Fantasy Part 2. You’ll never forget it.

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