Erotic Zones – The Movie (1985)

Starring: Tom Byron, Gina Carrera, Crystal Dawn, Jamie Gillis, Kevin James, Nikki, Taija Rae, Herschel Savage, Honey Wilder, Missy X.
You’re traveling through another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of hot sex. A journey into a tantalizing land whose only boundaries are those of the imagination. That’s the red light up ahead! Your next stop…EROTIC ZONES – THE MOVIE.
“PART 1 – TELLTALE MIRROR, Starring: Gina Carrera, Tom Byron, Kevin James, Crystal Dawn
When her grandmother dies, sexy Nan (Gina Carrera) inherits a mysterious mirror…a mirror that transports her to a turn-of-the-century New Orleans cathouse for more than one evening of decadent Victorian Fantasies.
“PART II – LONG LOST LOVE, Starring: Honey Wilder, Jamie Gillis, Taija Rae
Professor Eliss (Jamie Gillis) is a hopeless dreamer. After dipsticking his wife (Honey Wilder), Ellis has a dream he’ll never forget! Suddenly it’s 1959 again, and his hometown sweetheart wants her hula hoop plugged.
“PART III – FINAL PAYMENT, Starring Taja Rae, Herschel Savage, Nikki, Missy X
Lost in a never-never land of sexual obsession, Herschel Savage lusts after the girl of his dreams (Taija Rae)…a girl he can never have until a curious turn of events makes an evening of hardcore passion possible.

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