Erotic World Of Angel Cash (1982)

Director: Howard A. Howard
Starring: Angel Cash, Juliet Anderson, Bunny Hatton, Danielle, Tish Ambrose, Joanna Storm, Lisa B., Miranda Stevens, Tamara, Ashley Moore, B. McKean, Bobby Soccie, Dave Ambrose, D. Juravit, David Morris, Felix Krull, George Payne, J. Gordon, Jim Sims.
Take the graceful, sensual world of classical ballet. Spice it with the outrageous appetites of a sex-crazed ballerina, and what you have is “The Erotic World of Angel Cash”.
From the moment angelic Angel pulls on her tights and plunges into her plies, until the ultimate, incredible, orgiastic, finale – with the entire, perfectly proportioned cast onscreen – you will be inexorably sucked into a dazzling world of beauty and eroticism unlike any you have ever seen, or even imagined.

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