Erotic Pleasures (1976)

AKA: Les Plaisirs Solitaires
Tout Pour Le Plaisir
Starring: Carole Gire, Dolores Manta, Maryline Guillaume, Siegried Cellier, Dominique Aveline, Gilles Kervizic, Guy Royer, Andre Miller, Jacques Gatteau, Jean-Baptiste Ory, Louison Boutin.
The ladies of France are lovely, luscious…and oh, so lascivious. Jollee yearns hungrily for the first man who will take her, the first of the hundreds to come who will bring her to shuddering ecstasy. Arlene lust for muscular male bodies to devour…and who will devour her. Martine is driven by her cold and distant husband to sample every pleasure of the flesh there is…and those she can invent. Together the three women can carry carnality to heights never before believe possible. The man they choose will know the wildest sexual experiences their bodies can tolerate.

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