Eros Et Tanatos (1995)

AKA: Eros Et Thanatos
Die Einzige Zeugin
Eros And Death
Eros And Excess
Director: Mario Salieri
Starring: Julia Chanel, Beatrice Valle, Selen, Anita Rinaldi, Luana Borgia, N’J De Bahia, Nadine Bronx, Valy Verdy, Christoph Clark, Francesco Malcom, Jean-Yves Le Castel, John Walton, Richard Langin, Sergio Demon.
The story revolves around two policemen putting their professional immunity at great risk as they investigate a suspicious international case. It is a high budget film with international cast, shot at illustrious locations, with the use of fabulous automobiles. The director payed particular attention to ensure exquisitely aesthetic images.

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