En Garde (1993)

Starring: Serenity, Melanie Moore, Peter North, Tiffany Mynx, Crystal Wilder, Terry Thomas, Sahara Sands, T.T. Boy, Jake Williams, Jim Enright.
Peter North is a secret agent man who’s out to save the world, or at the very least to bed a good portion of it. Big Peter’s current assignment is to foil the fiendish doings of chief villainess Serenity, who is out to brainwash and control some of Washington D.C’s most powerful men. Her secret weapon? When a tan and taut blonde sexual dynamo like Serenity wants to gain influence over some poor dumb men in three-piece suits, she just gets down to business. Watching Serenity pace the bedroom floor, swatting her riding crop against her thigh recalls the best of the James Bond femme fatales. When she and agent North collide, the sexual heat produced is exquisite. A terrific erotic spy thriller beautifully acted by Mr. North, and with incredible sexual performances turned in by Sahara and Tiffany Mynx.

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